manasa devi 108 names

Manasa Devi 108 Names | Manasa Devi Ashtottara Shatanaamaavali

Manasa Devi is youngest daughter of lord shiva and parvati. She has popularly known as goddess of snakes. In this article we have shared manasa devi 108 names.

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Manasa Devi 108 Names

1. Om Shree Maanasaa Devyai Namah.

2. Om Shree Paraashaktyai Namah.

3. Om Shree Mahaadevyai Namah.

4. Om Shree Kashyapa Maanasa Putrikaayai Namah.

5. Om Shree Nirantara Dhyaananishthaayai Namah.

6. Om Shree Ekaagrachittaayai Namah.

7. Om Taapasyai Namah.

8. Om Shreekaryai Namah.

9. Om Shreekrishna Dhyaana Nirataayai Namah.

10. Om Shree Krishna Sevitaayai Namah.

11. Om Shree Triloka Poojitaayai Namah.

12. Om Sarpa Mantraadhishthaatryai Namah.

13. Om Shree Sarpa Darpa Vinaashinyai Namah.

14. Om Shree Sarpagarva Vimardinyai Namah.

15. Om Shree Sarpadosha Nivaarinyai Namah.

16. Om Shree Kaalasarpadosha Nivaarinyai Namah.

17. Om Shree Sarpahatyaa Dosha Harinyai Namah.

18. Om Shree Sarpabandhana Vichchinna Dosha Nivaarinyai Namah.

19. Om Shree Sarpa Shaapa Vimochanyai Namah.

20. Om Shree Valmeeka Vichchinna Dosha Prashamanyai Namah.

21. Om Shree Shivadhyaana Taponishthaayai Namah.

22. Om Shree Shiva Bhakta Paraayanaayai Namah.

23. Om Shree Shivasaakshaatkaara Sankalpaayai Namah.

24. Om Shree Siddha Yoginyai Namah.

25. Om Shree Shivasaakshaatkaara Siddhi Daayai Namah.

26. Om Shree Shiva Pooja Tatparaayai Namah.

27. Om Shree Eeshvara Sevitaayai Namah.

28. Om Shree Shankaraaraadhya Devyai Namah.

29. Om Shree Jaratkaaru Priyaayai Namah.

30. Om Shree Jaratkaaru Patnyai Namah.

31. Om Shree Jaratkaaru Vaamaanka Nilayaayai Namah.

32. Om Shree Jagadheeshvaryai Namah.

33. Om Shree Aasteeka Maataayai Namah.

34. Om Shree Takshaka Indraa Raadhyaa Devyai Namah.

35. Om Shree Janamejaya Sarpa Yaaga Vidhvamsinyai Namah.

36. Om Shree Takshaka Indra Praana Rakshinyai Namah.

37. Om Shree Devendraadi Sevitaayai Namah.

38. Om Shree Naagaloka Pravesinyai Namah.

39. Om Shree Naagaloka Rakshinyai Namah.

40. Om Shree Naagasvara Priyaayai Namah.

41. Om Shree Naageshvaryai Namah.

42. Om Shree Navanaaga Sevitaayai Namah.

43. Om Shree Navanaaga Dhaarinyai Namah.

44. Om Shree Sarpakireeta Shobhitaayai Namah.

45. Om Shree Naagayajnyopaveetinyai Namah.

46. Om Shree Naagaabharana Daarinyai Namah.

47. Om Shree Vishvamaataayai Namah.

48. Om Shree Dvaadasha Vidha Kaalasarpa Dosha Nivaarinyai Namah.

49. Om Shree Naagamalli Pushpaa Raadhyaayainamah.

50. Om Shree Parimala Pushpa Maalikaa Daarinyai Namah.

51. Om Shree Jaaji Champaka Mallikaa Kusuma Priyaayai Namah.

52. Om Shree Ksheeraabhisheka Priyaayai Namah.

53. Om Shree Ksheerapriyaayai Namah.

54. Om Shree Ksheeraanna Preeta Maanasaayai Namah.

manasa devi 108 names

55. Om Shree Paramapaavanyai Namah.

56. Om Shree Panchamyai Namah.

57. Om Shree Pancha Bhooteshyai Namah.

58. Om Shree Panchopachaara Poojaa Priyaayai Namah.

59. Om Shree Naaga Panchamee Poojaa Phala Pradaayinyai Namah.

60. Om Shree Panchamee Tidhi Poojaa Priyaayai Namah.

61. Om Shree Hamsavaahinyai Namah.

62. Om Shree Abhayapradaayinyai Namah.

63. Om Shree Kamalahastaayai Namah.

64. Om Shree Padmapeeta Vaasinyai Namah.

65. Om Shree Padmamaalaa Dharaayai Namah.

66. Om Shree Padminyai Namah.

67. Om Shree Padmanetraayai Namah.

68. Om Shree Meenaakshyai Namah.

69. Om Shree Kaamaakshyai Namah.

70. Om Shree Vishaalaakshyai Namah.

71. Om Shree Trinetraayai Namah.

72. Om Shree Brahmakunda Kshetra Nivaasinyai Namah.

73. Om Shree Brahmakunda Kshetra Paalinyai Namah.

74. Om Shree Brahmakunda Godaavari Snaana Santustaa Yai Namah.

75. Om Shree Valmeeka Poojaa Santustaa Yai Namah.

76. Om Shree Valmeeka Devaalaya Nivaasinyai Namah.

77. Om Shree Bhaktaabeeshta Pradaayinyai Namah.

78. Om Shree Bhavabandha Vimochanyai Namah.

79. Om Shree Kutumba Kalaha Nivaarinyai Namah.

80. Om Shree Kutumba Saukhya Pradaayinyai Namah.

81. Om Shree Sampoorna Aarogya Aayyushu Pradaayinyai Namah.

82. Om Shree Baalaarishta Dosha Nivaarinyai Namah.

83. Om Shree Satsantaana Pradaayinyai Namah.

84. Om Shree Samasta Dukha Daaridya Kashta Nashta Prasamanyai Namah.

85. Om Shree Shaanti Homa Priyaayai Namah.

86. Om Shree Yajnya Priyaayai Namah.

87. Om Shree Navagrahadosha Prashamanyai Namah.

88. Om Shree Shaantyai Namah.

89. Om Shree Sarvamangalaayai Namah.

90. Om Shree Shatru Samhaarinyai Namah.

91. Om Shree Haridraakunkumaarchana Priyaayai Namah.

92. Om Shree Apamrityu Nivaarinyai Namah.

93. Om Shree Mantra Yantra Tantraaraadhyaa Yai Namah.

94. Om Shree Sundaraangye Namah.

95. Om Shree Hreenkaarinyai Namah.

96. Om Shree Shreem Bheeja Nilayaayai Namah.

97. Om Kleem Kaara Beeja Sarvasvaayai Namah.

98. Om Shree Em Beeja Shaktyai Namah.

99. Om Shree Yogamaayaayai Namah.

100. Om Shree Kundalinyai Namah.

101. Om Shree Shat Chakra Bedinyai Namah.

102. Om Shree Mokshapradaayinyai Namah.

103. Om Shree Shreedhara Guru Nilayavaasinyai Namah.

104. Om Shree Shreedhara Hrida Yaantaranginyai Namah.

105. Om Shree Shreedhara Samrakshinyai Namah.

106. Om Shree Shreedharaa Raadhyaa Yai Namah.

107. Om Shree Shreedhara Vaibhava Kaarinyai Namah.

108. Om Shree Sarvashubhankarinyai Namah.

|| Iti Shree Maanasaa Devee Ashtottara Shatanaamaavalee Sampoornam ||

About Manasa Devi

  • Manasa Devi is sister of first 2 snake kings their names are Lord Shesha and lord Vasuki.
  • Goddess Manasa is also called Vishahari and Padmavati. Vishahari means destroyer of poison.
  • Manasa Devi husband name is Jaratkaru rishi. He is a father of their son Astika rishi.
  • Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Goddess Ashoksundari and Goddess Jyoti these are the siblings of Manasa Devi.
  • Manasa Devi has lots of devotees in the world, but she is mainly worshipped in Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam and many other parts of northeastern India including Uttarakhand.
  • many devotees have worship Manasa Devi in festivals like Nag Panchami-a snake festival.
  • Manasa Devi is a Hindu Goddess.

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