jagannath 108 names

Jagannath 108 Names | 108 names of lord Jagannath

In this article, we have shared mahaprabhu Jagannath 108 names. This chanting will help you to get out of any problem in life.

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|| jai Jagannath ||

Jagannath 108 names

1. Om Achalaya Namah

2. Om Achyutaya Namah

3. Om Adi Butaya Namah

4. Om Adi Devaya Namah

5. Om Adityaya  Namah

6. Om Anjanamaya Namh

7. Om Ajayah Namah

8. Om Akharaya Namah

9. Om Amrutya Namah

10. Om Anaadihaya Namah

11. Om Ananda Sagaraya Namah

12. Om Anantaya Namah

13. Om Anantajitaya Namah

14. Om Ananya Namah

15. Om Aniruddhaya Namah

16. Om Aparajeetaya Namah

17. Om Avyuktaya Namah

18. Om Balgopaya Namah

19. Om Bali Namah

20. Om Chatur Bhujaya Namah

21. Om Danvendraya Namah

22. Om Dayalu Namah

23. Om Dayanidhaye Namah

24. Om Devadidevaya Namah

25. Om Devaki Nanadanaya Namah

26. Om Deveshaya Namah

27. Om Dharmadhyakshaya Namah

28. Om Dwarakapatye Namah

29. Om Gopalaya Namah

30. Om Gopalpriyaya Namah

31. Om Govindaya Namah

32. Omgyaneshwaraya Namah

33. Om Sri Hareye Namah

34. Om Hiraniya Garbhaya Namah

35. Om Hrishikeshaya Namah

36. Om Jagad Gurave Namah

37. Om Jagadishye Namah

38. Om Jagannathaya Namah

39. Om Janardhanaya Namah,

40. Om Jayanthayah Namah

41. Om Jyotiiraaditya Namah

42. Om Kamalnathayanamah

43. Om Kamalnayanaya Namah

44. Om Kanshantakaya Namah

45. Om Kanjalochanaya Namah

46. Om Keshavaya Namah

47. Om Krishnaya Namah

48. Om Lakshmi Kantam Namah

49. Om Lokadhyakshaya Namah

50. Om Madayaya1Namah

51. Om Madhavaya Namah

52. Om  Madhushudanaya Namah,

53. Om Mahendraya Namah

54. Om Manmohanaya Namah

jagannath 108 names

55. Om Manoharaya Namah

56. Om Mayuraya Namah

57. Om Mohanaya Namah,

58. Om Murali Pate Namah

59. Om Muralidharaya Namah

60. Om Muralimanohar Namah

61. Om Nanda Gopalaya Namah,

62. Om Narayanaya Namah

63. Om Niranjaya Namah

64. Om Nirgunaya Namah

65. Om Padmahastaya Namah

66. Om Padmanabhaya Namah

67. Om Parambrahmane  Namah

68. Om Paramatmane Namah

69. Om Parampurshaya Namah

70. Om Parthsarathaye Namah

71. Om Prajapatie Namah

72. Om Punyah Namah

73. Om Purushottamaya Namah

74. Om Om Ravilochanaya Namah

75. Om Sahasraakashe Namah

76. Om Sahasrajit Namah

77. Om Sahasrapaataye Namah

78. Om Sakshi Namah

79. Om Sanatanaya Namah

80. Om Sarvajanaye Namah

81. Om Sarvapalakye Namah

82. Om Sarveswaraya Namah

83. Om Satyavachanay Namah

84. Om Satyavrataya Namah

85. Om Shantahye Namah

86. Om Shreshtae  Namah

87. Om Shrikantaye Namah

88. Om Shyamaye Namah

89. Om Shyam Sundayaye Namah

90. Om Sudarshanye Namah

91. Om Sumedhaye Namah

92. Om Suresham Namah

93. Om Swarga Patye Namah

94. Om Trivikramaya Namah

95. Om Upendraya Namah

96. Om Vaikunthanataya Namah

97. Om Om Vardhamaanah Namah

98. Om Vasudevaya Namah

99. Om Vishnave Namah

100. Om Viswadakshinahei Namah

101. Om Viswakarmaeihnamah

102. Om Om Viswamurthaye Namah

103. Om Viswarupayenamah

104. Om Viswatmaye Namah

105. Om Vrishaparvaaei Namah

106. Om Yadvendraya Namah

107. Om Yogi Namah

108. Om Yoginampati Namah

About Jagannath

Lord Jagannath is an avatar of the Hindu god Shri Krishna. He is along with Balabhadra and Subhadra who are the brother and sister of lord Krishna.

Jagannath temple is in Puri which is situated in Odisha state. Sudarshana Chakra is a Weapon of lord Jagannath.

Jagannath name is taken from the Sanskrit language. Jagat means universe and nath means lord, father, or master. Jagannath is a lord of the universe.

We are so grateful that you read Jagannath 108 Names. We would like to request to please share this article with other Jagannath devotees also. So that they can also get the blessing from god.

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सबसे अधिक लोकप्रिय

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