108 Names of Lord Balarama | Different Names of Lord Balarama

Lord Balarama is an incarnation (Avatar) of Sheshnaag. He is one of the popular Hindu deity in India. Balarama is elder brother of Lord Shri Krishna. He is also known as Haladhara, Halayudha, Baladeva, Balabhadra, and Sankarshana. In This article we have shared 108 names of lord balarama.Here you will also find divine information about Balarama.

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108 Names Of Lord Balarama

1. Balabhadra  – Supremely powerful and happy.

2. Ramabhadra and Rama – Supreme enjoyer.

3. Sankarshana – The all attractive.

4. Acyuta – The Infallible one.

5. Revatiramana – The lover of Revati.

6. Deva – Splendid Supreme Absolute.

7. Kamapala – The Lord who fulfills desires.

8. Halayudha – He who carries a plough weapon.

9. Dhrtanatha – Master of patience and tolerance.

10. Pralambaghna – The defeater of Pralamba.

11. Mahavira – The great hero.

12. Rauhineya – The son of Rohini.

13. Pratapavan – Mighty powerful.

14. Talanka – He who bears the insignia of a palm tree.

15. Musali – He who holds a club.

16. Hali – He who holds a plough.

17. Hari – He who takes away all that is inauspicious.

18. Yaduvara – He who is the best of the Yadus.

19. Bali – He who is So powerful.

20. Sirapani – He who holds a plow in His hand.

21. Padmapani – He who has lotus hands.

22. Lagudi – He who holds a club.

23. Venuvadana – He who plays the flute.

24. Kalindibhedana – He who is divided the Yamuna.

25. Vira – He who is almighty heroic.

26. Bala and Prabala – Very much Powerful.

27. Mahabhuja – The hero with mighty arms.

28. Vasudevaskala – A plenary expansion of Lord Krishna.

29. Ananta – The Limitless.

30. Sahasravadana – Who he have a thousand heads.

31. Varunimadamattanga – He is intoxicated by drinking varuni.

32. Vasu – Who he is opulent.

33. Vasumatibharta – The goddess of fortune’s husband.

34. Vasudeva – The son of Vasudeva.

35. Vasuttama – The best of the Vasus.

36. Yaduttama – The best of the Yadavas.

37. Yadavendra – The king of the Yadavas.

38. Madhava – The goddess of fortune’s husband.

39. Vrsnivallabha – He who is dear to the Vrishni.

40. Dvarakesa – king of Dwaraka.

41. Mathuresa – The king of Mathura.

42. Padmaksha – His eyes are lotus flowers.

43. Padmamali – He wears a lotus garland.

44. Nupuri – He wears tinkling anklets.

45. Vanamali – He wears forest garland.

46. Kotikandarpalavanya – He is more handsome than millions of Kamadevas.

47. Sikhandi – He wears a peacock feather.

48. Kalipriya – The master in art of war.

49. Parameshvara – The Supreme Controller.

50. Paripurnatama – He is the perfect Supreme Personality of Godhead.

51. Saksatparama – The Supreme Personality of Godhead directly.

52. Purusottama – The Supreme and great Personality.

53. Sastrabhasyakara – The author of commentaries.

54. Yajnika – The performer of yajna.

108 Names of Lord Balarama

55. Shesha – Lord Shesha.

56. Bhagavan – The supremely opulent Lord.

57. Prakrteh para – Beyond the world of matter

58. Jivatma – He is the father of all living entities.

59. Paramatma and antaratma – The Supersoul present in everyone’s heart.

60. Bhargavottama – The best of the Bhrigu dynasty.

61. Karunasindhu – An ocean of mercy.

62. Caturvyuha – The origin of the chaturvyuha expansions.

63. Caturveda – The author of the four Vedas.

64. Saumitri – He is the son of Sumitra.

65. Catuspada – The master of the four worlds.

66. Pradhana – He is pradhana.

67. Kavaci – A warrior wearing armor.

68. Saksi – The witness.

69. Sanghata, Sanghavan, and sakhi – accompanied by His associates.

70. Asurari – He is the enemy of the demons.

71. Buddhisakha – The best counselor.

72. Ceta – He is consciousness.

73. Vanecara – The Lord who wandered in the forest.

74. Avrta – He is accompanied by His associates.

75. Indriyesha – He is the master of the senses.

76. Munipriya – He who is dear to the sages.

77. Gopati – He is the master of the surabhi cows.

78. Gopisatavrta – He is surrounded by hundreds of gopis.

79. Goganasraya – The shelter of the cows.

80. Dhenukari – The enemy of Dhenuka.

81. Advitiya – One without a second.

82. Dvitiya – Different from the individual living entities.

83. Nirakara – A person whose form is not material.

84. Niranjana – Not touched by matter.

85. Virat – He is the entire universe.

86. Samrat – The supreme monarch.

87. Mahaugha – A great flood.

88. Dhara – The maintainer of all.

89. Pralambhari – The enemy of Pralambha.

90. Carisnuman – The one who goes everywhere.

91. Phanindra and Phaniraja – The great king of the serpents.

92. Sahasraphanamandita – The serpent with a thousand hoods.

93. Phanisvara and Phani – He is the king of serpents.

94. Sphurti – The Supreme Personality of Godhead who has appeared in the material world.

95. Phutkari and Citkara – A hissing serpent.

96. Dugdhapana – A child who drinks milk.

97. Manihara and manidhara – Decorated with a jewel necklace.

98. Vrndavanalatasrita – A boy who stays among the flowering vines of Vrindavan forest.

99. Rasamandalamandana – The ornament of the rasadance circle.

100. Mantravisarada – An expert at giving counsel.

101. Sankhacakragadadhara – The holder of a conch, disc, and club.

102. Bhogitala – He has great hoods.

103. Sphuraddanta – He has glittering fangs.

104. Mahatala – He resides on Mahatalaloka.

105. Revaticittaharta – He charmed Revati’s heart.

106. Sankhacudabha – He is splendid like a conchjewel.

107. Devadatta – The benefactor of the demigods.

108. Dhananjaya – The winner of wealth.

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By chanting above 108 names of lord balarama. You will get peace of mind, you will overcoming the fear of anything and get strength to win everything.

108 names of lord balarama

Divine information about Lord balarama

Lord balarama is a God of Agriculture and Strength. He use Plough and Mace as weapon. He has defeated many demons alone and along with Lord Shri Krishna. Balabhadra is most powerful warrior and important personality from epic mahabharata. In dwapara yuga he is famous master of mace fighting. He trained the art of mace to Bhima and duryodhana.

Balarama wife name is Revati. Who is a daughter of King Kakudmi. Balarama and Revati had 2 sons and 1 daughter. Their names are Nishatha, Ulmuka and Shashirekha respectively.

Baladeva mighty appearance is mention in Mahabharata, Harivamsha, Bhagavata Purana, and many other Puranas.

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